Brooklyn-based photographer Jacob Consenstein captures New York City’s many personas, as they wear items from the Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

Featuring styles such as the Midland Blazer, Women’s OG Detroit Jacket, and L/S Dillion Shirt, the imagery reflects the adaptability and functionality in which each Carhartt WIP garment is rooted.

Jacob Consenstein is a photographer born and raised in New York, whose work recontextualizes and connects fine art, music, graffiti, and fashion.

Creative Director & Photographer: Jacob Consenstein

Art Director & Stylist: Iza El Nems

Photo Assistant: Christian Geigle

Lighting Assistant: Josua Jimenez

HMUAs: Marta Mariotti & Roberto Campisi

Production Company: Intima Studios

Producers: Fatima Mourad & Zano Nkosi

On-Site PA: Sophie Collongette

Models: Jessica Castillo, Cameron Grace CarterBrianna Braun-Yopp, Garfield Gillings, Kei Tsuruta, Jorge Guzman