Gracing the cover of the magazine’s eighth edition is the nascent musical talent Fousheé, who has parlayed viral TikTok fame into two compelling, genre-bending projects, and collaborated with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert and Steve Lacy – who previously appeared on the magazine’s cover back in 2018, for issue 02.


In addition, there are features on Italy’s forgotten architectural gems, injury rehabbing for skaters, LA-based sculptor Diana Yesenia Alvarado, and NYC’s BlackMass Publishing imprint. 


The city is the focus of an extensive dossier, seeking out spatial dissidents who upend our notions of what a modern metropolis can be. This results in a series of sprawling interviews, exploring the city through the lens of illicit bike couriers, Tokyo graffiti writers, the curatorial duo behind Cruising Pavilion, and Belfast novelist Michael Magee, as well as essays on the appropriation of cellar doors by NYC skaters and whether the bustling art hub of Marfa, Texas could ever be scaled.


Berlin, meanwhile, serves as the backdrop to a skate feature by Steffen Grap, and Motor City’s very own HiTech discuss their unique sound, rooted in the oft-underappreciated genre of Ghettotech.


Ahead of its forthcoming 35th anniversary, we delve into the archives of Paris’s REX Club, while in the sleepy town of Apt, Luberon, we visit a name synonymous with that iconic nightspot, Laurent Garnier. He tells us how his love of cooking helped shape his latest album. 


The magazine also contains editorials by UK-based photographer Matt Moran and Barcelona’s Rafa Castells.


WIP magazine issue 08 is now available in store.